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After playing the game for some while, I have noticed some ways that can get you some Virtual Currency, aka VC. There are numerous ways that you can, which involves all the different game modes and such, and here are some of those ways:

Playing Online Matches

I haven’t played much online games in NBA 2k13, but I noticed that you can get a decent amount of VC from playing/winning in online game modes. One time, I received around 350 VC from playing an online match, and I am sure that you can receive more if you win that match.

MyCareer Mode Bonuses

In-game, they don’t give you much VC for each stat that you make as you’re playing. I feel as if they give way too little. They only give you 1 VC per point and about 2 per other category like assists and blocks. This should really be fixed because all the accessories that they have available in the store are way to overpriced if this was the case. It should be at least 10 per point and 20 for the rest of them. AT LEAST! 1 VC is really pointless. Even if it’s a key game, the total is not enough to do much with.

However, if you hit a milestone, they give you a bit more, but it’s still not enough. If I remember correctly, they give 50 VC whenever you hit a milestone. STILL not worth it! If 2k wants to give only that much, then everything that costs VC should really be toned down. But, anyways, this is just one man’s opinion. What do you think about it?

MyNBA2k Smartphone Application

If you download the app to your smartphone (Android or iPhone), you can get access to your MyPlayer’s stats on-the-go! There are also minigames that you can play to gain VC while you’re away from your game so that you keep getting that money up! One recommendation: The best minigame to play to gain the fastest amount of VC is the Autograph Signing game. All you need to do is make a quick signature like a circle that the game would accept, and just keep signing autographs until you sign for all the fans. Keep doing this over and over and you can get a good amount of VC, probably more that if you played a game.

NBA 2k MyLife Facebook Application

You can actually gain more than just VC with this way. Besides the VC you earn from linking your MyPlayer to this game, which is a good amount, you can actually unlock a dunk package. Once you get to level 10 in the game, this is when you can unlock the goods! This game is sorta like Farmville, and I wasn’t a fan of that type of game. I will give this game a chance though, since it’s 2k-related, and so should you!

Selling Cards in MyTeam

Here is the last way that I will mention of how to earn VC for NBA 2k13. I am sure there are much more that I haven’t mentioned, but that’s for all of you to discuss in the comments below! If you have played the new MyTeam game mode, you will notice this is just like Madden’s Ultimate Team mode. Collect player and all sorts of other cards, and make a team that you can play online with. You can of course earn VC from winning these games, but another way you can earn them is by selling them to the marketplace. It will depend on the player and his performance at the time. The value of the card will change depending on how he plays in the season, so sell wisely!

Well that’s the short list of just SOME of the ways you can earn VC. If you have more to add, please do so in the comments! I welcome your opinions, don’t be scared!

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