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Have you ever wanted to get back in the game when your coach kept you on the bench in crucial situations? I believe that there should be a feature in NBA 2k13’s MyCAREER mode that gives you a chance to tell the coach either to put you back in or keep you in the game.

While you are on the bench, you should be able to tell your coach that you want to come back in next dead ball. Or if you are about to sub out, tell your coach that you want to still stay in! There will be a button to press when you want to suggest this to the coach and he will determine if he grants you that request or not. He should also give you a reason to why, if he declines that request. That would be cool, wouldn’t it?!

His decision would be based on your chemistry with the team, your fatigue and some kind of trust attribute (hopefully it will be made sometime in the future). Also, don’t forget, it should also check out your “status”, or how popular you are on the team. One example is Chris Paul or Kobe. They might tell the coach that they want to stay in when the coach tries to sub them out. I’m sure coach would listen to this request now, wouldn’t he?!

While there is a timeout, the screen tells you that you are about to sub out of the game. This should also only appear to players at a certain level of popularity, because I am sure that he wouldn’t listen to rookies. Also, if they add some sort of trust attribute with the team, it would need to be high. This won’t happen to every player until you are trustworthy and at a high status as a player!

What do you think of my suggestion? Let me know in the comments below! I also have a video commentary series where I play as a fantasy-drafted Lakers team, so watch out for that soon! I am still doing the Team Review series at the same time so I will keep myself busy with these projects in the upcoming new year.