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Hey everyone! I have been playing MyTEAM a lot lately, and just wanted to help out all those that are just starting and want a decent squad to start. When I started, it was a struggle to play because of how bad the starting team pack was. Over time, I tested different players that were cheap and tried em out against online opponents and in exhibition games. Here is a list of the best 5 Bronze Point Guards with the LEAST cost (in no particular order):

1. Tyshawn Taylor
+Has a respectable jump shot
+Good jump shot animation

2. Patty Mills
+Can play some defense even though he’s small
-Speaking of being small, he’s small

3. Norris Cole
-Doesn’t really shoot well

4. Jimmer Fredette
+A threat from deep
-Not really a fan of his jump shot online

5. Steve Blake
+Plays good defense
+Good ball handler/passer
-Costs the most from the list (over 1k)
-Ugly jump shot

Am I missing anyone? Let me know who is on your list of the best bronze point guards!

P.S. Since the value of the player changes throughout the year, I won’t be listing their cost in VC.