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Well everyone, this is the last post for the bronze positions in MyTEAM mode. Have you been enjoying the posts I have been giving you lately? If so, please let me know and leave a comment, like and all that stuff to help me out! And once again, if you haven’t checked out the previous positions, I will make it easy on you and give you the links right here: bronze point guards, bronze shooting guards, bronze small forwards, and bronze power forwards. Since you are all caught up now (hopefully), here is the final post for the bronze players!

1. Matt Bonner
+Good shooting big man
+Jump shot is not too bad
-Slow/Not a good inside defender

2. Kwame Brown
+Great inside defense
+Solid rebounder
-Offensive game is a bit limited

3. Enes Kanter
+Good rebounder
+Love his easy standing dunks
-Post game is “ehh”

4. Joel Pryzbilla
+GREAT rebounder
+Good inside defender
-Sucks on offense in general
-Super slow

5. Andre Drummond
-No Post game

Honorable Mentions:
Andris Biedrins
Darko Milicic